Emergency lighting and sensor technology has evolved to make buildings smart.

Delivering innovation
beyond lighting.

enLink™ is a revolutionary system that redefines emergency lighting within the built environment. It has been developed by the visionary team at enLighten and continues our record of developing award winning products in the Australian market. With a commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability, we are dedicated to improving the performance and safety of buildings.

We have selected a radio mesh protocol which balances performance, low energy consumption, scalability, and compatibility with a wide range of sensors and add-ons.

We have incorporated patented safety features into the enLink™ product, which no one else can deliver, and is designed to make buildings safe and compliant both now and in the future.

How does enLink™ work?

It’s really quite simple.
Take control with enLink, a smarter, safer, connected future is here.
If there is a power outage, emergency lighting safely guides the way.
Testing your emergency lighting is mandatory every 6 months.
It can be time consuming and costly to test across multiple sites.
Take control with enLink, a smarter, safer, connected future is here.
enLink fixtures connect wirelessly, completing tests and analysis.
enLink connects to the cloud, allowing remote monitoring & reporting.
You can remotely monitor the performance of your emergency system.
Reports are also generated to ensure compliance with AS/NZS 2293.2.
Alert reporting fast-tracks issue resolution for a safer workplace.

We understand your frustrations.

Navigating the complexities of emergency lighting systems can be overwhelming. From managing testing, collating reports, and communicating to occupants - we know the challenges you face. That’s why we’ve crafted enLink™ – a system designed to alleviate your concerns and redefine your experience.
At any given time, accessible reports provide a concise overview of the system's status.
Each light has inbuilt intelligence that continually monitors the light performance and undertakes tests with no disruption to the facility.

Who is enLink™ for?

Not just the premier buildings, the enLinkTM system is designed with a broad range of applications in mind, to cater to all property types. This ensures that even remote and smaller sites benefit from its solution.
School Emergency Lighting

Educational Facility Emergency Lighting

Automatically testing lights alleviates complexities associated with obtaining certificates, such as the “Working with Children Check” for work within school environments.
Hospital Emergency Lighting

Hospital & Aged Care Emergency Lighting

Access to patient rooms for testing poses a significant challenge and enLink™️’s automatic testing effectively resolves this issue.
Manufacturing Facility Emergency Lighting

Manufacturing Facility Emergency Lighting

Accessing manufacturing areas can be complex due to biosecurity and safety considerations. Automated light testing effectively eliminates these challenges.
Commercial Office Block Emergency Lighting

Commercial Office Block Emergency Lighting

Often these environments demand testing after-hours, which can be costly and require separate supervision during these periods.
Retail Shopping Centre Emergency Lighting

Retail Shopping Centre Emergency Lighting

The presence of contractors among the public introduces complexity to these tests, often necessitating after-hours testing. This can incur costs and demand additional supervision during those times. enLink™️ wirelessly connects to offer a hassle-free solution, ensuring emergency lighting is always operational and contributing to a positive shopping experience.
Retail Shopping Centre Emergency Lighting

Multi-site Utility or Government properties

Many corporations and governments own multiple properties across large areas. enLink™️ simplifies the management of these by visually representing each location on a map. Additionally, automated emergency light testing helps large property owners with Scope 3 reporting by minimising unnecessary contractor trips to the site for testing.
We work with a number of professions and industries that find enLink™ essential for enhancing the safety and wellbeing of individuals in your building.
Facility Managers
Peace of mind
enLink™'s component diagnostics and regular performance testing assure facility managers of an operational system, freeing up time to manage their various responsibilities. Accessing compliance reports is easy—just log in and extract the necessary information.
Reduced workload
Coordinating contractors to conduct tests, navigate the building, and manage restricted areas demands careful planning and communication with occupants. Sometimes these tests need to be done after hours, adding extra coordination and communication. enLink™ simplifies and removes these challenges altogether.
enLink™ provides a comprehensive history of maintenance and testing activities, documenting any component failures. This empowers facility managers to monitor and oversee asset performance, providing evidence to property managers and validating the authenticity of failures.
Data-Driven Decisions
Certain situations, like managing water leaks or monitoring air quality for regular reports, need extra sensors. The enLink™ system's meshed wireless network easily incorporates these sensors, providing extra benefits without requiring multiple standalone systems.
Building Owner
Cost reduction
Building owners are seeking ways to operate more efficiently and reduce costs. enLinkTM automates tasks that should not be done manually, contributing to cost reduction.
Scope 3 reporting
Building owners are focused on reducing indirect emissions. enLinkTM eliminates the need for contractors to visit the site twice a year for testing, making it easier to measure and include in Scope 3 emissions reduction reporting.
Legal obligations
The responsibility for providing a safe and healthy environment rests with the building owner. Relying on manual processes and third party contractors can lead to omissions and mistakes, resulting in systems not operating correctly. enLinkTM provides the technology necessary to prevent such issues, with multiple layers of fault protection automatically integrated.
Enhanced Building Status
Smart Buildings are cheaper to run and more prestigious to own and occupy. The enhanced safety, compliance, and operational efficiency make these buildings more attractive to high-quality tenants and buyers, increasing property value and prestige.

Got questions?
Here’s the answers

What happens if there’s a power outage?

Each enLink™️ fixture will operate as a fully compliant emergency light or exit sign when there is a power failure. The emergency function is not dependent upon the wireless communication, so you are never in the dark.

What are the benefits of using enLink™️?

The benefits of using enLink™️ include streamlining testing, reduced maintenance costs, and enhanced building safety.

Which types of buildings can benefit from enLink™️?

The building code of Australia requires that most non-residential properties have emergency lighting installed to enable occupants to exit the building safely during a power failure.  enLink™️ is suitable for all environments including commercial office, schools, manufacturing and warehousing, hospitals, universities and retail environments.

Is enLink™️ easy to install?

Yes enLink™️ is designed for simple installation. Each emergency light and exit sign is mounted and connected exactly the same as any other emergency light. Once powered, the wireless radio will communicate with other enLink™️ products to automatically join the mesh network.


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enLink™ by enLighten
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